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Dear fellow chess players,
Due to the actual scene happening worldwide we have decided to cancel this year’s Chess open marked on the catalan circuit.
Our decision it has been taken due to the following reasons:
•  As the situation continues to be severe we cannot ensure the safety of Participants, Attendees and Organization.

• Our town council has cancelled all their public events until August and that could be extended.
• We do not own a venue capable and under the current panorama, this it’s highly difficult to be fixed.
• We don’t believe this situation will be «normalized» in a near future, which will in case of having the permit to do the Tournament to have almost no participation.
• Nowadays there is a lot of uncertainty about this situation we are living.
We would love, if everything sorts out good, to make this tournament in 2021, and if possible keep the dates.
Thanks for your understanding and comprehension and we hope to see you on next year’s edition.
Antoni Muñoz Esteve
President A.E. Rubinenca